Within large companies, CleanINTERNET enables existing cybersecurity teams and solutions to be more effective. It goes beyond traditional threat intelligence to operationalize threat intelligence to automatically shield your organization from 99% of mapped threats identified by the global intelligence community automatically.

For the other 1%, Centripetal’s elite team of cyberthreat analysts acts as an extension of your internal cybersecurity team to help monitor and analyze emerging and zero-day threats in the context of your specific business. This can help reduce threat investigation from weeks to seconds.

The CleanINTERNET Service delivers:

Superior protection from all global threats with a cost-effective subscription model

Experienced threat hunters that act as an extension to your internal team

100x improvement in your existing security stack to reduce costs further

number of threats detected and shielded at a customer location during a 30-day period*


Total threats detected


Potential compromise of outbound events globally, which could greatly increase the risk of a successful attack

*The CleanINTERNET for Enterprise solution utilizes an RG-2000 RuleGATE filtering and aggregate traffic load of approximately 20GB/s at line rate. During a 30-day reporting period, there were over [100B] dynamic intelligence change


CleanINTERNET works at massive scale and machine speed to proactively shield your organization from virtually every threat identified by the global intelligence community.

Key benefits include:

Peace of mind knowing that your business is automatically shielded from 99% of the known attacks mapped by the global threat intelligence community

An elite team of cyber threat analysts to monitor and analyze emerging and zero-day threats in the context of your business and industry

Ability to combine real-time network security and high network and application performance

Flexible, high availability deployment options to support the largest, global environments with transaction throughput exceeding 100GB/s

Optimizes existing environment by automatically shielding all suspicious traffic from the network before it gets to existing inspection tools


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